Stem cell and 3D Cell Culture reagents
3D Cell Culture System
3D Cell Culture System

 PLAccelerator , PLMatrix,PLSplit-Cell


1.    PLAccelerator 

Animal component-free additive inducing a prompt gelation process

PLACCELERATOR is recommended to use with the 3D Cell Culture System PLMATRIX to induce a prompt gelation process.

PLACCELERATOR should be added to the complete 3D Cell Culture Mixture to allow gelatinization after 2 minutes of incubation at 37°C.


Size:0,05 mL, 0,25 mL


2.    PLMatrix 

Lyophilised, animal component-free 3D cell culture system

PLMATRIX is an innovative 3D cellculture system based on human Platelet Lysate for a more standardized cell expansion protocol. The two-phase system consists of a human Platelet Lysategel, which supplies your cells with nutrients and a cell culture scaffold atonce.

PLMATRIX provides a suitable animal component-free 3D matrix for cell culture that consists of the same components as the over-layered culture medium (PLSOLUTION).

PLMATRIX offers a uniform distributionof growth factors throughout the cell culture system.

Cells can grow in several layers at the interface layer, which minimizes contact inhibition with any artificial biomaterials.

The viscous consistency of PLMATRIX enables non-enzymatic cell passaging with a convenient harvesting and reseeding procedure.


Size:1 mL, 5 mL


3.    PLSplit-Cell

Cell dissociation reagent of vegetable origin

PLSPLIT-CELL is a cell dissociation reagent of vegetable origin for use in serum and serum-free cell culture systems. The active reagent is an enzymatic substitute for trypsin and,unlike trypsin, is not inhibited by serum.

PLSPLIT-CELL is recommended to use incombination with PLMATRIX forsingle cell analysis protocols.




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