One-Stop scientific research services
One-Stop scientific research services
One-Stop scientific research services

Nuohai One-Stop scientific research services

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One-Stop workflow from tissue clearing,immunolabeling, 3D imaging to data analysis and storage.

NuohaiLife Science was established in 2017 and was recognized as a National High-techEnterprise in 2020. With customer-oriented value in heart, Nuohai Life Sciencehas earned a highly dependable reputation among the customers withcomprehensive life science solutions and sound after-sales services. We provideone-stop scientific research services for tissue clearing, immunofluorescencelabeling, high-resolution large tissue 3D imaging, image analysis and datastorage. 



Tissue clearing/ Immunolabeling

Since CLARITY was selected as one ofScience's Top 10 Breakthroughs in 2013, more and more tissue clearing methodshave been emerging. "Solvent-based clearing", "aqueous-basedclearing" and " hydrogel-based method” form " the threepillars" of the field. In general, the solvent-based methods achieve goodtransparency and high efficiency, but organic solvents tend to quench andweaken the fluorescence signals; the aqueous-based methods are more friendly tofluorescent protein but with limited clearing efficiency; as to hydrogel-basedmethods, which better preserve tissue architecture and fluorescence, but requireauxiliary equipments, costly matched commercial reagents and trained operators.


Based on abundant testing andcomparison among various tissue clearing methods in the course of technicalservices, Nuohai has accumulated valuable experience and developed differentkinds of tissue clearing solutions, which are expected to meet differentresearch needs for scientific researchers.

l Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit

Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit NH210701, researchand developed by a highly skilled and experienced team, which optimized formulaenables high-efficiency delipidation and decolorization that penetrates thecell without damaging tissues nor protein structures; under the hydrophilic andmild environment created by Nuohai Tissue Clearing Kit, an excellentperformance is guaranteed in tissue fluorescence protection.


Tiling light sheet 3D imaging

Nuohai LS18 tiling light sheet microscopeis a versatile tilling light sheet microscope with semi-automatic calibrationcapability. It can quickly tile multiple small and thin light sheets (up to1μm) for illumination under the same field of view (FOV), which stands forhigher spatial resolution under same condition.

Nuohai LS18 tiling light sheet microscopeis suitable for multicolored rapid 3D imaging of tissue samples transparentizedby all tissue clearing methods, which can reach 1μm horizontally and 3μmvertically imaging spatial resolution as needed.



Image processing and analysis

l  3D Whole Brain Mapping And Target Region Analysis

With the development of imagingtechnology, neuroscience researchers are able to image the whole brain with desiredspatial resolution, from micrometer even to nanometer, which provides anopportunity for us to study the connection and projection of neurons indifferent brain regions. Nuohai Life Science provides systematic brain 3Dimaging data analysis service platform---visualization of the 3D brain, mousebrain Atlas alignment, segmentaion and cell counting of interested target brainregions according to mouse Brain Atlas.


l  3D vasculature reconstruction and analysis

As vasculature is a very importanthallmark in various disease and studies. The excellent 3D topological vision ofbrain vascular architecture collected with our Tiling Light Sheet Microscopecould facilitate further understanding of the whole brain-wide vascularnetworks crossing distinct brain regions. Nuohai Life Science provides a suiteof services for the quantification, tracking and analysis of blood vessels andvascular networks in your interest target regions.

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