Stem cell and 3D Cell Culture reagents
Standard Products
Standard Products

 PLCustomized,PLSolution I GMP Grade,PLSolution I Research Grade


1.    PLCustomized

Custom-manufactured human Platelet Lysate,heparin required

PLCUSTOMIZED is a made-to-order cell culture supplement based on humanPlatelet Lysate designed to meet the requirements of your experiment.

PLCUSTOMIZED is custom-manufactured according to selected parameters (e.g.blood donors’ age, blood type, gender) whereby all criteria will be keptstrictly confidentially.

PLCUSTOMIZED is designed for the small-scale process development needsof biopharmaceutical life cycles, protein therapeutics, biologics, vaccineexpression or small-volume testing prior to GMP scale-up.

PLCUSTOMIZED is derived from human platelets containing abundant growthfactors and cytokines. Just like PLSOLUTIONPLCUSTOMIZED is 100% animal serum-free.

PLCUSTOMIZED is manufactured from platelet units obtained from healthyblood donors at EMA-licensed blood centres.

PLCUSTOMIZED is provided in validated Nalgene? bottles in differentsizes.


Size: 500ml, 100ml

2.    PLSolution I GMP Grade

Growth factor-rich human Platelet Lysate, GMP conform,heparin required

PLSOLUTION GMP Grade is a high-quality human Platelet Lysate suitedfor usage in GMP compliant cell culture SOPs.

PLSOLUTION GMP Grade is animal serum-free and is manufactured underGMP conform conditions using high quality raw materials. Process performedwithin closed system using sterile connections.

PLSOLUTION GMP Grade is manufactured from platelet units obtainedfrom healthy blood donors at EMA-licensed blood centres.

Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) areavailable upon request.

PLSOLUTION GMP Grade is provided in Cryo-bags and in validatedNalgene? bottles in different sizes.


Size:100 ml I Bottle, 100 mL I Cryobag, 500 mL


3.    PLSolution I Research Grade

Growth factor-rich human Platelet Lysate, heparin required

PLSOLUTION Research Grade is an animalserum-free cell culture supplement derived from human platelets.

PLSOLUTION Research Grade ismanufactured to meet the needs of basic research and development.

PLSOLUTION Research Grade represents amore cost effective alternative to serum-free media and supports the in vitro propagationand maintenance of various human cell types, particularly adult stem cells,e.g. MSCs.

PLSOLUTION Research Grade ismanufactured from platelet units obtained from healthy blood donors at EMA-licensedblood centres.

PLSOLUTION Research Grade is providedin validated Nalgene? bottles in different sizes.


Size: 25 mL, 100 mL, 500 mL


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