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The NanoAssemblr™ Spark™
The NanoAssemblr™ Spark™

Ultra-low volume nanoparticle formulation for R&D

Brand: Precision Nanosystems

Place of Origin: Canada

Model: Spark



The NanoAssemblrTM SparkTM

The NanoAssemblr Spark is designed to accelerate the development of Ultra-low volume nanoparticle formulation for R&D. With the proprietary microfluidics technology,the Spark enables the controlled and reproducible manufacturing of nanoparticles in small volumes in less than 10 seconds.By ensuring nanoparticle encapsulation efficiencies nearing 100% in volumes that range from 25 – 250 μL, the Spark is ideal for screening novel formulations that use limited or expensive active pharmaceutical ingredients and nanoparticle excipients.

Conventional approaches to nanoparticle synthesis employ turbulent mixing, which is difficult to control and highly variant across points in space and time. In contrast, NanoAssemblr microfluidic mixers operate under laminar flow to ensure maximum process control and reproducibility. Every particle is manufactured under the same localised conditions that maximise drug loading and particle quality.

The NanoAssemblr Spark provides researchers more convenient and reproducible formulations for screening novel formulations that use limited or expensive active pharmaceutical ingredients and nanoparticle excipients at the micro-litre scale.

One step formulation with a push of a button: 

Payload dilution buffer and nanoparticle components are pipetted into the Spark Cartridge wells. The cartridge is inserted into the Spark where automated mixing is initiated at the push of a button.


Particle Size Control: Combining reproducible microfluidics with precise fluid injection allows users to efficiently find and dial-in the optimal conditions for nanoparticle formation.

Efficient Drug Loading: Improved drug loading or encapsulation efficiency compared to conventional methods.

Scalable Production: The continuous flow microfluidic process can be scaled up by increasing total volume injected through a single mixer, or by employing multiple mixer in parallel without affecting the underlying conditions of nano particle synthesis. This allows formulations to be optimised at bench scales, and scaled up with little to no re-optimisation at each change in batch size.

Versatile: Suitable for creating a variety of different particles including:

l Biodegradable polymer nanoparticles (ex: PLGA)
l Amphiphilic block co-polymer micelles (ex: PEG-PLA)
l  Dendrimer nanoparticles
l  Polymer-drug conjugates
l  Nucleic acid Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP)
l  Lipsomes, Emulsions, Organic/ Inorganic Nanoparticles


l Gene delivery and screening via high cell transfection efficiency

l Nanoparticle design and screening

l Targeted delivery of small molecules

l Drug development

l Lipid nanoparticles formulation


The NanoAssemblrTMSparkTM cartridges and reagents


The NanoAssemblrTM SparkTM Cartridges (20-pack)

Spark Cartridges are available for rapid screening and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and nanoparticle excipients. When high encapsulation efficiencies and material recovery are essential, researchers using their own reagents are able to formulate at ultra low volumes, conserving expensive or limited materials.

The Neuro9TM siRNA SparkTM kit

The Neuro9 siRNA Spark kit provides necessary buffer, formulation mix and cartridges to formulate  nanoparticles containing 2 or 5 nmols of siRNA for nucleic acid delivery to primary neurons. Neuro9 siRNA particles are a versatile option for gene knockdown in vitro and can be applied with high transfection efficiency in culture.

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