LightFab 3D Laserprint(femtosecond laser)
LightFab 3D Laserprint(femtosecond laser)


Place of Origin:Germany

Model:3D Laserprint

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LightFab: Fabrication by laser light

Our LightFab 3D Printer consists of a high dynamic 3D Microscanner, a high precision 3-axis system for stepping, fs-laser, camera and vision system for automatic alignment, laser safety and an innovative CAD/CAM/nc software package in one housing.

The LightFab 3D Printer is spezially designed for our subtractive 3D printing process SLE (selective laser etching) and is also used for for other 3D laser writing processes inside transparent materials like waveguide writing, 2-photon-polymerization, backside ablation and crack-free markings.

We integrate our system technology into your production line and offer special machines enabling even mass-production of 3D parts. In addition we support you in process development for special structures, new materials as well as higher throughput.

We offer the machine for efficient production of 3D glass parts

We offer you the production of glass micro-parts spanning from prototypes, small and large lot sizes or enable you to produce the parts on your own using our micro scanners. 

We produce your 3D design in fused silica glass by digital production using laser technology

3D micro fluidics for medical diagnosis

Microfluidics in glass and in 3D - prototypes and series available

Micro fluidics become three dimensional now - without additional expenses


Buried microchannel branching with high precision


Our LightFab 3D Printer got the Prism Award 2016 in category industrial lasers(荣誉)

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