Nanomedicine Synthesis System
Microflow T (Microliter-scale)
Microflow T (Microliter-scale)

Speed up the formula screening and reduce R&D cost through small scale (25 – 250 μL),fast reaction (within 10 s), and constant ratio (flow rate ratio = 2:1)


MicroflowT (Microliter-scale)

Withtiny preparation scale (microliter), microfluidic synthesis system, MicroflowT, can produce nanoparticles in few seconds, making it fast, convenient,economical, and efficient screen hundreds of formulations at the beginning of aresearch program. Meanwhile, the flow rate ratio has been optimized so thatuser can focus more on formula itself.

  • Smallscale (25 – 250 μL) to reduce cost.

  • Fastsynthesis (within 10 s) to accelerate R&D.

  • Constantratio (2:1) to lower risks.

FlowTech T Cartridge

Besidesthe consistent path design with other FlowTech cartridges, FlowTech T uses new chamber for constant flowrate ratio.

-Broadapplications: for the synthesis of LNP, liposome, polymer, and etc.

-Laminarflow to generate uniform nanoparticles.

-Lessthan 3 ms of mixing time.

Software(Microflow T)

TheOS, also named Microflow T, possesses similar function and operation logic withMicroflow S and M, so that users can get started quickly. The software is alsooptimized based on tiny synthesis scale, keeping basic functions and making theoperation easier.

-Unlimitedformula saving

-Fastdata exportation 


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