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ISET CTC Capture
ISET CTC Capture

ISET, Isolation by SizE of Tumor Cells, is based on the antibody-independent whole blood filtration approach for CTCs and micro-emboli isolation. The solution relies on the larger size of all types of CTCs as compared to the majority of leukocytes. ISET system successfully captures CTCs that are presenting, by definition, heterogeneous phenotypic profiles.


  • 10 mL of blood are drawn collected in K3 EDTA or STRECK tubes

  • The sample is mixed and incubated with application-specific buffer to preserve the integrity of CTCs and their genome

  • The sample is processed on the ISET Device pressure-controlled filtration system

  • The fixed cells on the ISET membrane (10 spots) are ready for multiplexed downstream processing

  • The live cells are processed with a specific ISET buffer and can be collected for downstream processing


  • ISET technology allows the isolation of CTCs without any specific epithelial surface markers antibodies

  • Application for all solid tumors

  • High sensibility: Detection threshold of one CTC per 10 ml of blood

  • Isolation of CTCs and cfDNA simultaneously from the same sample

  • Specific ISET buffers for live and fixed cells application to preserve structural cells integrity

  • Compatibility with downstream processing from cytology analysis to DNA gene mutation detection

  • ISET Device is CE IVD

  • Large scientific literature backup


More than 80 high-level, peer-reviewed and independent scientific publications covering more than 3400 patients with several cancers and 1200 healthy subjects as controls.

ISET has proven its unparalleled sensitivity, specificity and clinical value in patients with all types of solid tumors and the main types of leukemia.

Studies demonstrated the potential benefits of tests derived from ISET collected cells in early detection of cancer, cancer prognosis, and non-invasive theranostics.

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