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Date:2018/4/17 14:27:11

        OnMarch 14th-16th 2018, Nuohai Life Sciences participated in the largest laser,optical and optoelectronics industry event in Asia - the 2018 LASER World ofPHOTONICS CHINA.The 2018 LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA presented an all-roundproduct of the optoelectronics industry from an international perspective.Content, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Chinese market.

        Photovoltaiccollection --- new technology conference, Nuohai Life Sciences product salesMary Chen introduced two different kind of laser system, eLMD of LUNOVU fromGermany and 3D Printer of LightFab from Germany. The eLMD is both equipped withlaser cladding and near net forming 3D printer. LightFab 3D Printer is a lasermicro-nano processing system (microfluidic biochip,3D fabrication in fusedsilica). These all attracted a lot of attention of exhibiting customers, andthe atmosphere was hot!

【Instrument Introduction

eLMD - Entering the World of Additive Manufacturing

        eLMD by LUNOVU is a novel machine systemproviding an easy and cost efficient way to start with additive manufacturing.It includes everything that is required to run LMD (Laser Metal Deposition)processes in a compact and elaborate system.

         eLMD uses a 2 kW diode laser, combined witha special powder feeder and a versatile 3 beam powder nozzle to deposit allrelevant metallic materials. Three high performance linear axes move the LMDhead precisely inside a 300 x 300 x 300 mm3 working space. A powerful NC unit controlsthe kinematics as well as all other components like laser and powder feeder.Needless to say that a reliable and elaborate safety concept and a laser-proofcontainment are included. Special program modules provided by LUNOVU allowproducing standard geometries such as lines, areas, cubes or cones withoutfurther programming efforts.

LightFab: Fabrication by laser light

Our LightFab 3D Printer consists of a high dynamic 3D Microscanner, a high precision 3-axis system for stepping, fs-laser, camera and vision system for automatic alignment, laser safety and an innovative CAD/CAM/nc software package in one housing.

The LightFab 3D Printer is spezially designed for our subtractive 3D printing process SLE (selective laser etching) and is also used for for other 3D laser writing processes inside transparent materials like waveguide writing, 2-photon-polymerization, backside ablation and crack-free markings.

We integrate our system technology into your production line and offer special machines enabling even mass-production of 3D parts. In addition we support you in process development for special structures, new materials as well as higher throughput.

图左:3DDiscovery      图中:3DDiscoveryEvolution    图右:BioFactory

Bio 3D printer——3D Discovery

The 3D Discovery platform is a versatile and cell friendly instrument. It can create three-dimensional models that more closely mimic what happens in living organisms. It allows scientists to pattern cells, biomolecules, and a range of soft and rigid materials in desirable 3D composite structures.

Bio 3D printer——BioFactory

The BioFactory  is a versatile and cell friendly three- dimensional manufacturing instrument allowing scientists to pattern cells, bio-molecules and a range of soft and rigid materials in desirable 3D composite structures, mimicking natural environments.

High End solution for Industrial applications.

Bio 3D printer——3D Discovery Evolution

Tissue engineering and biotechnology sciences are complex areas where multiple components including material types, composition, cell viability and bio-architectures are all crucial.

Bioprinting is a rapidly evolving field; the FLEXIBILITY and MODULARITY of your bioprinting instrument are key factors in your future accomplishments.

The 3DDiscovery has these unique features which will allow you to follow the constant changes and rapid evolution in bioprinting science and specifically inbio stimulation.

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