RegenHU biological 3D Printing Technology Symposium -- Shanghai Jiao Tong University station

Date:2018/3/1 14:11:30

       Swiss regenHU is the world's leading biological 3D printing technology company. RegenHU bio 3D printing provides an overall solution for printing live cells, tissues and organs. It can be upgraded to 9 printheads, and has become an effective device for clinical diagnosis, drug discovery, drug toxicity and tissue repair, and modeling of complex tissue and organ models.

       Nuohai Life Science co., limited is committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research equipments, pre-clinical imaging equipments and related consumables and reagents as well as offering professional application and technical support services. In order to promote the exchange of regenHU bio printing technology, the regenHU biological 3D printing technology symposium will be held in 2018.

Meeting time

March 16, 2018 (9:00-15:00)

Meeting place

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


- RegenHU application expert report

- Here you can meet a lot of biological materials, biologic printing, biomedical experts, sharing experience and learning from each other

             Marc Thurner                      Silvain Müller                                           Jean Yu

                      CEO                    Bioprinting Expert            Sales Manager, China


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