International Forum on Microscopy

Date:2019/8/30 14:29:41

6-8 September 2019, Beijing, China

The first International Microscopy Instrument Forum was initiated by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the China Instrument and Control Society, and jointly organized by the Micro Instrument Branch of the China Instrument and Control Society and Harbin Institute of Technology. The purpose of this forum is to bring together top scientists, technical experts and entrepreneurs in the field of international microscopy science and engineering technology to discuss and exchange trends, major development issues, latest developments, major application needs and industrial development in this field. Strategy, promoting global scientific and technological innovation cooperation and global industrial development cooperation.


Nuohai Bioscience Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will present the first self-developed LS 18 light sheet microscope to present the exhibition. Designed for high-resolution 3D imaging of transparent large tissue samples, the LS18 is dedicated to exploring the 3D precise structure of many intact organs such as brain, spleen, small intestine, kidney, liver, lung, heart, tumor, breast, and bone. At the exhibition, Nuohai provided a complete solution from tissue clarity to the imaging of entire large tissue, which was highly recognized by the participants.



Dr. Liang Gao, as the inventor of LS18 Light Sheet Microscope, working in West lake University, is invited as a speaker during the forum. He will introduce the technology “Tiling Light Sheet Microscopy”.

Products exhibited:

Nuohai Lifescience

Nuohai LS 18 Lightsheet Microscope

LifeCanvas Technologies

Tissue cleared system

3D tissue immunestaining system

Visikol tissue clearing reagent

3D image analysis software

GATTA quant nano ruler


生物3D打印机 透明底.jpg

Photometrics cMOS camera


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