Did you know that you can use up to 7 bioprinting technologies simultaneously with our regenHU bioprinter?

Date:2019/6/28 14:38:45

After the news that professor Dvir at tel aviv university print a living heart from apatient’s owe tissues by regenHU 3D bioprinter, which made a major breakthrough for science and medicine, This is the first time that anything like this has been achieved in the world, Now there is another good news that you can use upto 7 bioprinting technologies simultaneously with our 3DDiscovery Evolution bioprinter now.


Based on the traditional extrusion and SLA technologies, there are more than 11print head technologies on 3DDiscovery Evolution bioprinter , such as inkjet, pneumatic, piston driven, thermoplastic dispensing, electrospinning writing and so on. Among numerous printing technologies available, seven canbe installed and used simultaneously to build multimaterial and multicellular 3D constructson bench-top version.

Technology convergence

The combination of extrusion (inkjet, pneumatic, pistondriven, thermoplastic dispensing) and electrospinning writing(melt or solution) provides unprecedented control at the micro-nano scale.



Ourlatest innovation integrates microfluidic approaches that allow you to build heterogeneous 3D constructs, create gradients of bioactives and continually formulate bioinks without interrupting the bioprinting process.



Several accessories such as class II biosafety cabinet, climate control units, light sources for photo initiated gelation, plasma pens, nebulizers, individual temperature control systems, or cameras for inline monitoring can be integrated.


Evolutive over time

Our 3D bioprinter will accompany your scientific journey while constantly adapting to new needs. Get your base model now and start building your biofabrication platform piece by piece.



Our dedicated team will engineer solutions tailored to your specific needs. 


Tissue engineering, regenerative & personalized medicine, pharma, medical device industry, cosmetics, drug discovery, and many other applications are using our technologyto their advantage.


Applications examples

Personalized organs1



Cartillage tissue engineering4


3D models for drug discovery7

Micro patterning8

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Material candidates examples

Biologics: Cells, growth factors, proteins

Natural & synthetic hydrogels


Decellularized ECM bioinks

Conductive inks

Pastes, ceramics


Your material.



With 11printhead technologies and three easy-to-use and powerful software , regenHUcan be your first choice for scientific research. Welcome who Interested consulting us.

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