Invitation from Nuohai - Electro spin 2019

Date:2019/6/4 11:25:00

6th  International Conference on Electrospinning 2019 (Electrospin 2019) will be held on 19-21 June 2019 in Donghua University, Shanghai, China. The Conference will bring together electrospining researchers and students to present their recently research with the electrospinning nanofiber applications on biomedical, biology, filtration, energy, sensor, photonic, electronic area from polymer, ceramic, mental and composite nanofibers. Researchers, engineers as well as company CEO who are active in the field of electrospinning from all of the world will gathering in Shanghai to present their invited speech, oral presentation and posters.


Nuohai Life Science co., Limited is committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research & manufactural equipments, related consumables, reagents as well as offering professional application and technical support services. We aim to constantly promote the development of new technology in life science field with the timely introduction of the latest foreign technology and products. Meanwhile, Nuohai Life Science provide CRO and CMO service to acdamic and industrial customers, to satisfy every demand in the R&D and manufacturing.


We strongly invite you to visit our booth and understand more about our electrospin solution. 


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Spain Bionicia

Electrospinning / Electrospray

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Swiss regenHU

3D Bio Printer

Precision Nanosystems


Swiss RISystem 

Small Animal Implant

USA Photosound

Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT) 

Implant materials in mice

France Vilber

NEWTON 7.0 Bio luminescence & Fluorescence Imaging System


nuohai lifescience

nuohai LS 18 lightsheet

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