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Date:2019/3/18 11:08:44

During Mar. 7nd to 8rd, 2019, the engineers of Nuohai Life Science Co. Ltd.installed a newly purchased German Magnettech MS 5000 EPR in the experimental center of school of environment and architecture, Shanghai university of Scienceand Technology.The whole trip includes instrument installation, instrument acceptance and training. Teacher Haifeng Wen and his students participated in the whole process.

After the installation of the instrument, the engineer gave detailed training to the teacher and students on the structure of the main machine, consumable parts, operating software and matters needing attention in use, etc. Later, fenton reaction was used to test the performance of the instrument and check and accept all the parameters of the instrument.

The mainresearch direction of Mr. Wen and his students is advanced oxidation, and they have also tested their own samples, mainly hydroxyl and superoxide radicals produced in fenton-like reactions and photocatalytic experiments. MS 5000 shows high sensitivity and stability, and the simplicity of instrument operation andhigh efficiency of detection have been highly praised.



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Magnettech EPR—MiniSpcope MS5000/5000X

MiniSpcope MS 5000/5000XEPR features an advanced electromagnet and microwave bridge compact design, which delivers twice of signal-to-noise ratio improvement. It is acost-effective, scientific-grade benchtop spectrometer with excellent sensitivity and magnetic field stability.

The instrument is mainly used to character the substances containing unpaired electrons. It can be used to study free radicals, transition metalions, catalytic reaction mechanism, atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5), advanced oxidation mechanism of waste water treatment, chemical reaction kinetics, and environmentally persistent free radical EPFRs, material defects,doping, enzyme activity, protein structure, radiation dose, geological dating,etc.


1. Life Science

Nitrogen oxide (NO) monitoring, reactive oxygen species (ROS), enzyme activity, protein structure, free radicals, carcinogenic reactions in living tissues and body fluids.

2. Chemistry

Catalytic mechanism, catalyst catalytic efficiency,chemical reaction kinetics, polymerization mechanism, redox process, transitionmetal oxidation state and coordination structure.

3. Environment

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5), Fenton reaction, oxidation treatment mechanism, and persistent free radicals in solid waste.

4. Biology

Blood oxygen test, fluidity of cell membrane, pH of microenvironment, viscosity and phase distribution.

5. Alanine dosimetry

Alanine tablets or films for food testing, new materials, nuclear power plants.

6. Materials

Material defects, doping, photoaging of coatings and polymers, single crystal defects, laser materials, magnetic materials.

7. Foods

Antioxidant properties of food, free radicals infood, free radicals formed by radiation, prediction of beer shelf life,freshness of vegetable oil.

8. Industry

Dosimetry, free radical detection in irradiated polymers, quality control of advanced optical glass, oxidation resistance of automotive coatings, filtration efficiency of tobacco filters.

9. Cosmetic

Free radical protection factor, UV protection effect of face cream and shampoo.

Case studies

1. Environmental chemistry: waste water treatment, atmospheric particulates

2. Catalysis & materials: photocatalysis, Fenton reaction, material modification

3. Life sciences: pathogenesis of cancer,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, detection of nitroxide, reactive oxygen species

4. Geological dating & irradiation dose


Auto sampler for powder and solid samples

Automatically handles 23 samples in quartz tubes with a diameter of 3-6 mm and precise height positioning in the resonator for maximum repeatability.


Autosampler for liquid samples

Soft ware-controlled small-scale spectrometers, autosamplers, automated injection of integrated peristaltic pumps, dynamic monitoring software including automated data acquisition and data evaluation, optional automatic component mixing and temperature control for single or multiple compounds.


X-ray Dose

Used in dose studies, material irradiation damage, irradiated food dose, luminescence dating, ESR dating.


Temperature Controller(TC H04)

Temperature range: 93K-473K; control accuracy ± 0.25K (@373K); computer control; liquid nitrogen storage


Automatic goniometer

Samples enable fully automated angular rotation; step size: 0.1°-180°; automatic reset the spectrometer for optimal test performance


Low temperature detection of 77K, which can improve the detection sensitivity

Biological temperature controller

Temperature range: 293K-350K; accuracy ± 0.25K, computer controlled; temperature medium: air

Glass accessories

50 μL capillary, flat cell, custom SH-P holder, tissue unit, sample tube


Tissue cell

For biological tissue samples, film samples, atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5) detection


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