Encapsulation of Ω-3 PUFA oil – Spanish BioInicia’s FLUIDNATEK co-axial eStretching technique

Date:2018/12/3 13:38:15

Omega-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, derived from deep-sea fish and some plants, can promote cardiovascular health, relieve joint pain and discomfort, hypoglycemic prevention of diabetes, etc.,which is now common in the deep-sea fish liver oil, vitamin tablets and other health products. However, Ω-3 PUFA oil has an oily feeling, is easily oxidized, resulting in a  fishy smell, and are not miscible with hydrophilic substances, which limit its applications in health products and even food.


Through Spanish BioInicia’s FLUIDNATEK co-axial eStretching technique, encapsulation of Ω-3PUFA oil provides the mechanism to mask the taste, smell and oily feeling, protect against oxidative degradation, increase bioavailability through release in the small intestine, produce a dry powder that is readily mixed in dry food formulations and allow Omega-3s to be pressed into tablets. In a word, making it more convenient and paltable!

Encapsulation delays oxidation of the DHA providing protection during processing and product formulation

Encapsulation prevents oxidation, retains volatile compounds and  masks “off-flavours”

Compared to existing commercial encapsulation, Bioinicia’s process results in:

  • Reduced oxidation during processing enabling use of highly enriched oils and higher bioactive loading into capsules

  • Reduced capsule size improves re-solubilization, bioavailability and mechanical stability

  • Improved flavor masking – reduced fish odor and taste

Left, example commercially available encapsulated omega-3 oil (typical particle size:20-40um); Right, Bioinicia encapsulated omega-3 oil (typical particle size:2-3um).

Bioinicia Encapsulation of Active and Bioactive Molecules:

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