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Date:2018/11/12 11:41:11

Omega/Theta XRD for Automatic Crystal Orientation Instruments

The Omega/Theta X-ray diffractometer (XRD)is a fully automated vertical three axes diffractometer for orientation determination for various semiconducting and optic crystals using Omega-Scan and Theta-Scan methods and rocking curve measurements. The large and spacious design can accomodate samples and sample holders up to 450 mm in length and up to 30 kg weight. Due to this instrument, yield rise from 50% to 95% at the oscillator production for Orientation Measurement System for round Quartz Blanks in BOSCH GMBH. The X-ray technology and the traditions of EFG GmbHwas transfered to Freiberg Instruments GmbH in 2015.


  • All measurements are automated and can be accessed from the user-friendly software interface. Using the OmegaScan, the complete lattice orientation can be determined in on crystal rotation (5 seconds). The Theta Scan is more flexible, but results only in one orientation component per scan.

  • The tilt angle can be determined with very high precision; up to 0.001° using the Theta Scan. For all other crystal directions the precision depends on the angular difference to the surface perpendicular.

  • The system is modular and has been equipped with many different extensions for special purposes like shape or flat determination, mapping and diverse sample holders. The sample tilt is detected by an optical measurement, and can be used to correct the result ingorientation.

  • Fully automated complete lattice orientation measurement of single crystals

  • Ultra-fast crystal orientation measurement using Omega-scan method

  • Automated rocking-curve measurement and mapping

  • Angular resolution of the diffractometer: 0.1 arc sec.

  • Sample size up to 450 mm

  • Appropriate for production quality control and research

DDCOM                                                                    SDCOM

The device is widely used by leading companies in the production and development of crystals in Europe, the United States and other countries, such as Si Crystal GMBH use it for Si Ccrystal, Siltronic AG GMBH use it for Si and SiC crystal, Gooch and Housego UK use it for optics crystal, IPG Photonics USA use it for optics crystal, II-VI Advanced Materials USA use it for SiC crystal, Crystal IS USA use it for Si Ccrystal, Crystal Photonics USA use it for optics crystal, Institute of Material Science in University of Silesia use it for Nickel base turbine blades.



1. Sapphire (Al2O3) rocking curve and mapping: Narrow refection peaks = Good surface quality

2. SiC rocking curve and mapping:Wide refection peaks = Locally disturbed crystal surface

3. Nickel base turbine blades 3D mapping:

α direction

β deirection

γ direction

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