Nuohai Life Science Attended Marketing and Sales Training of PCR Biosystems

Date:2018/11/12 11:09:25

Oct. 30th 2018, Crown Plaza Century Park Shanghai, Mark Stevens and Alex Wilson from PCR Biosystems, UK gave a product training for all distributors in Asia market. Sales Manager , Marketing Manager and Supplier Manager from Nuohai Life Science had attended this training and discussed the China marketing, product features as well as the sales strategies. On the second day, both PCR Biosystems and Nuohai Life Science exhibited Analytica China 2018 to present products from PCR Biosystems, which are welcomed by professional users. 

PCR Biosystems 

Enhanced Endoint Polymerases -  5x buffer includes dNTPs, MgCl2 and enhancers

~PCRBIOTaq DNA Polymerase(routine application PCR)

~PCRBIOHS Taq DNA Polymerase (antibody-mediated hot start)

~PCRBIOUltra Polymerase (long range and “difficult” PCR)

~PCRBIOHiFi Polymerase (high fidelity PCR)


Classic Taq - 10x buffer includes MgCl2and enhancers

~PCRBIOClassic Taq(classic  PCR)


 dNTPMix - ultra pure dNTPs for PCR

~dNTP Mix (40mM total)   classic PCR

EndpointReady Mixes -  2x mix includes dNTP, MgCl2, enhancers andstabilizers

~PCRBIOTaq Mix (routine applicationPCR)

~PCRBIOTaq Mix Red (routine PCR, direct gel loading)

~PCRBIOHS Taq Mix (antibody-mediated hot start)

~PCRBIOHS Taq Mix Red (hotstart, direct gel loading)

~PCRBIOUltra Mix (‘difficult’ PCR)

~PCRBIOUltra Mix Red (‘difficult PCR’, direct gel loading)

~PCRBIORapid Extract PCR Kit (direct PCR from mammalian tissue)

~PCRBIORapid Extract Lysis Kit (rapid DNA extraction)

~PCRBIO1-Step Go RT-PCR Kit (endpoint PCR from RNA)

DNA ExtractionKits - convenient,column DNAextraction

~PCRBIORapid Extract PCR Kit (direct PCR from mammalian tissue)

~PCRBIORapid Extract Lysis Kit (rapid DNA extraction)

DNA Markers - ready to load and room temperature stable

~PCRBIOLadder I (DNA marker - 100bp - 10kb )

~PCRBIOLadder II (DNA marker - 250bp - 10kb )

~PCRBIOLadder III (DNA marker - 250bp - 10kb )

~PCRBIOLadder IV (DNA marker - 100bp - 1500 bp )


ThermostableReverse Transcriptases - generation of high qualitycDNA for downstream applications

 ~UltraScript Reverse Transcriptase (cDNA generation)

  ~ UltraScript Reverse 2.0 Transcriptase (cDNA generation)

cDNASynthesis Kits - generation of high quality cDNA for downstream applications

~qPCRBIO cDNA Synthesis Kit(unbiased cDNA generation for qPCR)

~UltraScript2.0 cDNA SynthesisKit (unbiased cDNA generation for qPCR)

~UltraScript2.0 cDNASynthesis Kit Separate Oligos(cDNA generation for qPCR and other applications)


qPCRBIO dUTP UDGase Additive - converts any qPCRBIODNA kit to dUTP kit

~qPCRBIO dUTP UDGase Additive (dUTP converter kit)

Real-Time PCR Mixes - 2x mix includes dNTP,MgCl2,enhancers and stabilizers

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