Nuohai Life Science Exhibit Analytica China 2018

Date:2018/11/6 11:38:11

Analytica China 2018 last three days inSNIEC. Analytica China is the International trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology in China. Its unique exhibition profile unites all topics that pertain to modern analysis in research and industry. The various exhibition sectors gaves a comprehensive overview of the market. Nuohai Life Science co., Limited, a company committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research & manufactural equipment, related consumables, reagents as well as offering CRO and CMO service Exhibit Analytica China 2018. Nuohai had presented the demo unit of Lumascope 720, NanoAssemblr (Benchtop and Spark) from Precision Nanosystems, as well as the EPR/ESR from Magnettech. Nuohai also provide solutions for microscopes, pre-clinical in vivo imaging systems, nanomedicine manufacturing and analysis, 3D printing, physical and chemical analysis, reagents and consumables as well as CRO/CMO service. All products are widely used in universities, industries, government labs and pharmaceutical companies.

A live interview to introduce Lumascope 720 and Livecyte

Core Products

US. 3i

Marianas Lightsheet Microscope

US. 3i

Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

France Vilber

NEWTON 7.0 Bioluminescence & Fluorescence Imaging System

Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform forBiomedical Research (PAFT) 

Swiss regenHU

3D Bio Printer


Belgium Molecubes

Pre-clinical imaging PET/SPECT/CT

USA Etaluma

Lumascope 3 Color Fluorescence and Walk-Away Automation

UK Phasefocus 

Livecyte – Quantitative Phase Imaging and Analysis System

Canada Precision Nanosystems 

Nanoparticle Encapsultaion System 

USA Spectradyne  

nCS1TMNanoparticle Analyzer

ESR/EPR Spectrometer

German Magnettech 


TXRF Spectrometer S2 PICOFOX

About Nuohai

NuohaiLife Science co., Limited is committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research & manufactural equipments, related consumables, reagents as well as offering professional application and technical support services. We aim to constantly promote the development of new technology in life science field with the timely introduction of the latest foreign technology and products. Meanwhile, Nuohai Life Science provide CRO and CMO service to acdamic and industrial customers, to satisfy every demand in the R&D and manufacturing.


Nuohai Life Science not only brings new top products to our customers, but also pays attention to training professional sales, engineers and after-sales service team. With customer-oriented value in heart, Nuohai Life Science has earned the trust of our customers and enjoyed good reputation with comprehensive life science solution and sound after-sales service.


Nuohai Life Science was established in 2004 with headquarter in Shanghai and 8 offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other first-tier cities, providing a nationwide selling & service networking. Customer service is just a call away.


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