Nuohai Attended 3rd International Nanomedicine Conference at Shanghai

Date:2018/10/19 9:55:43

The 3rd International Nanomedicine Conference was held in Shanghai Fuyue Hotel during Oct. 15th and 17th 2018. The conference theme of the 3rd International Conference is Nanomedicine Innovation and Translation. The object of this conference is to providean insightful and multi-disciplinary platform for leading scientists and experts from academic community, clinical fields, and industrial sectors worldwide for idea exchange, sharing, and discussion on the cutting-edge nanomedicine research, application, and clinical translation.


Nuohai Life Science aimed to provide the entire solution for Nanomedicine R&D, manufacturing and analysis, as well as in vivo imaging systems to academic and industrial users. During the conference, Nuohai presented the leading technologies and core products which are strongly welcomed by researchers from both academic and industries. 

Attended Products


Canada Precision Nanosystems 

Nanoparticle Encapsultaion System 

The Precision NanoSystems team uses proprietary NanoAssemblr microfluidic technology  to develop optimized process parameters for manufacture of lipid-or polymer-based nanomedicines that meet target specifications.


USA Spectradyne  

nCS1TM nanoparticle analyzer

Spectradyne's nCS1 instrument provides aunique platform for the rapid quantitative measurement of nanoparticles insolution. The method used to measure nanoparticles is electrical in nature, so does not rely on an optical index contrast to distinguish particles from their suspending medium. The instrument measures individual nanoparticles and rapidly accumulates statistically-reliable distributions of particle sizes with quantitative concentration information. This unique capability separate then CS1 from any other instrument on the nanoparticle analysis market place.


Spanish Bionicia

Eletrospinning & Electrospraying Equipment

Bioinicia dedicated to providing both products and services related to the fabrication of nano/micro -fibres and -particles by electrohydrodynamic processes (EHDA) commonly known as electrospinning (fibres) or electrospraying (particles).


NEWTON 7.0 bioluminescence & fluorescence imaging system

Developed by the Vilber company (France) has 8-channel LED light source for excitation. Its dual-magnetron sputtering coating optical filter technology allows morethan 90% optical signals to pass, the narrow band width makes the process of spectrum separation much more efficient, with the spectrum range from 400nm to 900nm. The fluorescence and bioluminescence images of small animals can be achieved at the same time. NEWTON 7.0 is suitable for a variety of dye markers such as GFP, YFP, Dyelight 680, Cy5.5, Cy7, etc.


USA Photosound

Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT)

The system is designed for high throughput imaging of small animal biomedical models (mice and rats). It fits on a standard lab bench. Light-tight, inter locked enclosure allows for safe operation without the need for laser safety equipment while the status of the scanned live object can be monitored using the built in camera.




Belgium Molecubes

Pre clinical imaging PET/SPECT/CT

SPECT/PET/CT for whole-body mouse and rat imaging, compact design (small size, light weight), simple workflow, high throughput and break through uptime commitment. In addition, the modular imaging design can generate multimodal images, and the coregistration of multimodal images. Based on its imaging principle and the characteristics of non-invasive, strong specificity, high resolution, high sensitivity.



Greece Betsolution

eye-series PET/SPECT imaging system

It is adedicated benchtop system suitable for in-vivo scintigraphic molecular imaging of radio pharmaceuticals, radio labeled biomolecules and nanoparticles. And it is also a unique benchtop system for whole-body mouse imaging,provides static and fast dynamic studies with user-selection time frame.



France RX Solutions

DeskTom 3D microCT

The DeskTomTM  product of the RX Solutions Technology co.,Ltd is a 3D micro-CT device with the least footprint and a large FOV (625px). It has excellent spatial resolution and high-precision repeatability, providing customers with high-level micro-CT imaging servicesfor small animals.                                                            



AboutNuohai Life Science

Nuohai Life Science co., Limited is committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research & manufactural equipments, related consumables, reagents as well as offering professional application and technical support services. We aim to constantly promote the development of new technology in life science field with the timely introduction of the latest foreign technology and products. Meanwhile, Nuohai Life Science provide CRO and CMO service to acdamic and industrial customers, to satisfy every demand in the R&D and manufacturing. 


Nuohai Life Science not only brings new top products to our customers, but also pays attention to training professional sales, engineers and after-sales service team. With customer-oriented value in heart, Nuohai Life Science has earned the trust of our customers and enjoyed good reputation with comprehensive life science solution and sound after-sales service.


Nuohai Life Science was established in 2004 with headquarter in Shanghai and 8 officesin Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other first-tier cities, providing anationwide selling & service networking. Customer service is just a callaway.


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