From Concept to Reality: Development of Lipid Nanoparticles for Systemic Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics

Date:2018/10/12 15:21:28

Listen to Dr. Martin A. Maier’s, Vice President of Research at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, presentation that was live streamed during PNI’s 2018 Nanomedicine Symposium.

Dr. Maier has contributed to the development of lipid nanoparticles and GalNAc conjugates, two clinically validated platforms for siRNA delivery, and the advancement of multiple programs to development.

Dr. Maier’s more than19 years of industrial experience in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics include positions at Ionis Pharmaceuticals. He is the author of about 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications and inventor on more than 30 is suedpatents.

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