A Wonderful Review of Technical Seminar Roadshow of Freiberg Omega/Theta Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer -- Dong Fang Turbine co., Ltd Station

Date:2018/10/12 10:14:57

On July 23, 2018, Nuohai Semiconductor, the exclusive distributor of Freiberg Omega/Theta single crystal X-ray diffractometer GMBH, visited Dong Fang Turbine co., Ltd. Chairman Ming Yin, engineers Cheng Haili and Xia Rui from Nuohai held a technical conference at the company. Xia gave a detailed explanation of the principle, accessories, functions, software operation and front-end application of Omega/Theta single crystal X-ray diffractometer. He also introduced the unique Omega scanning rapid measurement of Omega/Theta single crystal X-ray diffractometer, and discussed the unique technology that the equipment can make the orientation map of the whole turbine blade. This meeting lays a good foundation for future cooperation.


About Omega/Theta XRD from Freiberg Instrument GMBH


The Omega/Theta X-ray diffractometer is a fully automated vertical three axes diffractometer for orientation determination for various crystals using Omega-Scan and Theta-Scan methods and rocking curve measurements. All measurements are automated and can be accessed from the user-friendly software interface. Using the Omega Scan, the complete lattice orientation can be determined in on crystal rotation.

Omega/Theta XRD

For ultra-fast crystal orientation and rocking curvemeasurements

l  Ultra-fast crystal orientation measurement using Omega-scanmethod (up to 5s)

l   Fully automated complete lattice orientation measurement ofsingle crystals

l   Automated rocking-curve measurement

l   High precision up to 0.001°

l   Additional sample rotation axis for 3D mapping

l   Laser scanner for sample shape measurement


The DesktopX-ray Diffractometer for Crystal Orientation Measurement (DDCOM) is anautomated tool to determine the orientation of various crystals using the Omega-scan method.

l   High precisionup to 0.01°

l   Suitable for a unique variety of materials in a large rangeof size and weight, such as: Wafers from 2-12” and Ingots up to 20kg

l   Easily movable and lightweight desktop design

l   Determination of entire crystal orientation within 5seconds

l   Low energy consumption and operating costs due to aircooled X-ray tube (no water cooling required)


SmartX-ray Diffractometer for Crystal Orientation Measurement (SDCOM), especiallydesigned for small crystals

l   Ability to measure very small crystals down to 1 mm orlarger samples

l   Variety of sample holders and transfer fixtures towardswire saw, grinding, etc.

l   Marking option of lateral crystal direction

l   Air cooled X-ray tube, no water cooling required

l   Highest precision: 0.01°

Application in single-crystalline Super alloys aboutOmega/Theta XRD

  • High resolution 3D maps in lessthan 30 minutes by Omega scan of Omega/Theta XRD.

  • Convenient quality control for R&D as wellas aviation industry.


α direction:angle between reference of [100] direction

β direction:angle between reference of [010] direction

γ direction:angle between reference of [001] direction

Others application about Omega/Theta XRD

  •  Si、SiC、AlN、GaAs、Quartz、LiNbO3、BBOmore than 200 semiconductor and optical crystals R&D

  • Rocking curve measurement: Crystalsurface evaluation

  • Markingand measuring of single crystal in-plane directions

  • Determination of super alloys Orientation

  • Production& Quality Control of Quartz Bars, Wafers and Blanks using X-rayDiffractometer

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