Marianas Lightsheet demo unit set in West Lake Institute of Advanced Studies

Date:2018/10/10 14:37:20

Marianas Lightsheet demo unit set in West Lake Institute of Advanced Studies

From July 5th to July 10th, 2018, engineers from Nohai Lifescience (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and 3i (Intelligent Imaging Innovations) from the US had installed the Marianas Lightsheet (live cell light microscope) successfully in Zhejiang West Lake Institute of Advanced Studies.


The first batch of demo experiments was completed during the period from July 18th to July 21st. During the demo, professors and graduate students from various research groups such as Xu Zhenjie, Cai Shang, JiaJiemin, and Gao Xiaofei came to visit or test their experimental samples. Different samples were able to obtain very good experimental results on the Marianas Lightsheet. The Demo experiment will continue and we welcome more researchers to come to have a test.

Marianas Lightsheetdemo unit set in West Lake Institute of Advanced Studies

Marianas Lightsheet

Marianas Light SheetTM merges the low phototoxicity and large specimen handling of dual inverted selective plane illumination (diSPIM) with the power and flexibility of a live-cell microscope system. diSPIM employs two orthogonal objectives positioned at 45° above the specimen plane. By alternating between the objectives for imaging and excitation, diSPIM captures two volumes that are fused and deconvolved to achieve is otropic resolution.


  • A thin sheet of light to illuminate only the plane of interest, reducing phototoxicity by drastically cutting total light dose and allowing for prolonged specimen imaging

  • Diffraction limited resolution in 3 axes with molecular group sensitivity

  • Rapid 3D imaging of samples over the course of hours to days

  • Allows specimens of various sizes, ranging from cells to whole organisms

  • Combined with spinning disk confocal, TIRF, FLIM and photo manipulation

  • Open sample chamber allows for standard specimen preparation in standard dishes in standard media


Marianas demo

Several Professors or their graduate students including Xu Zhenjie, Cai Shang, Jia Jiemin and Gao Xiaofei from West lake institute for advanced study (WIAS) visited or took experimental samples to try Marianas lightsheet microscopy. Marianas Lightsheet can image specimens of various sizes, ranging from cells to whole organisms and the resolution of all 3-axes attains diffraction limited (which is different from the confocal or two-photon microscopy whose z-axis resolution is much worse than the X-axisr esolution). What’s more, unlike traditional point scanning microscopy, Lightsheet microscopy scans at high speed with sCMOS camera. The full-frame imaging speed is 100 FPS, which will be appropriate to capture the live cells’ movement.

Demo Results


Cai Shang’s Lab brought 100um thinkness mammary gland labeled with the nucleus, The nucleolus structure obtained the similar resolution in XYZ- axes.


Jia Jiemin’s Lab brought 60um thinkness mouse brain slice labeled with different blood vessels. Marianas Lightsheet captured 3D images at very high speed and accurately obtained spatial information of different structures.

GaoXiaofei’s Labs brought human red blood cells labeled with membrane and nucleusto distinguish immature red blood cells and mature ones.



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