Nuohai Life Science Exhibit The 12th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society

Date:2017/11/7 15:12:01

【Conference brief


        Nuohai Life Science Exhibit The 12th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society

        Nuohai Life Science Exhibit The 12th Biennial Conference of Chinese Neuroscience Society  which hold in Tianjin on October13-15, 2017.This conferece Nuohai life Science set up a booth NO.88 and show some products to the attendee and interested many scientists.

        We show up  3i LightSheet Microscope,Abberior STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion,RESOLFT, STEDYCON,MOLECUBES Benchtop imaging PET/SPECT/CT,Photosound Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT),Bestsolution ,phsaefocus  Livecyte,tissue Cleared System.

【Instrument Introduction

3i  Lattice Light Sheetproduces an ultra-thin light sheet to achieve single-molecule sensitivity for live cell research. Invented by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Betzig of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus, this microscope has been applied to biological systems spanning four orders of magnitude in space and time. An extremely sensitive primary objective coupled with a custom-designed illumination system allows optical sectioning using extremely low light doses for imaging with unprecedented duration.

 Abberior STED Abberior Instruments GmbH was founded by the great team of Nobel Laureate Stefan W. Hell, providing STED / RESOLFT super resolution imaging system and compact line STEDYCON which expands any microscope stand to STED + confocal microscope.

Molecubes γ-CUBE X-CUBE β-CUBE SPECT/PET/CT for whole body mouse and rat imaging, compact design (small size, light weight), simple workflow, high throughput and break through uptime commitment.

【Nuohai Life Science introduction】

        Nuohai Life Science co., limited is committed to equipping scientists in life science field with advanced experimental and research equipments, pre-clinical imaging equipments and related consumables and reagents as well as offering  professional application and technical support services. We aim to constantly promote the development of new technology in life science field with the timely introduction of the latest foreign technology and products, some of which apply the technology invented by Nobel Prize winners. Our company's products are widely used in neurology, cytology, living molecular imaging, molecular biology, drug development, preclinical research.

        Nuohai Life Science not only brings new top products to our customers, but also pays attention to training professional sales, engineers and after-sales service team. With customer-oriented value in heart, Nuohai Life Science has earned the trust of our customers and enjoyed good reputation with comprehensive life science solution and sound after-sales service.

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