NuoHai Life Science Attend PIBM 2017

Date:2017/10/13 15:53:00

        26-28 September 2017,Soochow,NuoHai Life Science Attend The 14thInternational Conference on Photonics and Imaging in Biology and Medicine, PIBM2017。

        This exhibition we show 3i LightSheet Microscope,Tissue Cleared System,MOLECUBES Benchtop imagingPET/SPECT/CT,Photosound Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic / Fluorescence Imaging Platform for Biomedical Research (PAFT),Bestsolution ,phsaefocus  lifecyte, lightfab 3D laser microprocessing system       

 3i LightSheet Microscope                                          Tissue Cleared System                                                                 Benchtop imagingPET/SPECT/CT             Tabletop 3D Photoacoustic             

Bestsolution                                                               lightfab 3D laser microprocessing system                               phsaefocus  lifecyte


        PIBM is the largest series international biomedical photonics conference in Asia. PIBM was suggested by Dr. Britton Chance and was initially held at HUST biyearly since 1999. PIBM is designed to bring together scientists, engineers and clinical researchers from a variety of disciplines engaged in applying optical science, photonics and imaging technologies to problems in biology and medicine. The scope of this conference ranges from basic research to instrumentation engineering, to biological and clinical studies. It is recognized one of the largest and most comprehensive international conferences in China, and representing the highest level of the worldwide research in this field. More and more young researchers presented and exchanged their innovative ideas on this friendly and professional platform, which made PIBM an unforgettable meeting.  


Topics1 :NeurophotonicsTopics2: Immunophotonics
Topics3: Analytical Biophotonics
Topics4: Translational Biophotonics

【Nuohai Life Science introduction】

Nuohai Life Science co., limited is committed to equipping scientists in life sciencefield with advanced experimental and research equipments, pre-clinical imaging equipments and related consumables and reagents as well as offering professional application and technical support services. We aim to constantly promote the development ofnew technology in life science field with the timely introduction of the latest foreign technology andproducts, some of which applythe technology invented by Nobel Prize winners. Our company's products arewidely usedin neurology,cytology, living molecular imaging, molecular biology, drug development,preclinical research.

Nuohai Life Science not only brings new top products to our customers, but also pays attention to training professional sales, engineers and after-sales serviceteam. With customer-oriented value inheart, Nuohai Life Science has earned thetrust of our customers and enjoyedgood reputation with comprehensive lifescience solution and sound after-sales service.

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