NuoHai Life Science Attend The 2nd International Forum on Surface and Microscopy(IFSM2017)

Date:2017/10/2 16:15:11

The “International Forum on Surface andMicroscopy, 2017” (IFSM 2017) symposium is the second special conference foroptical microscopic imaging in China, bringing together professionals engagedin optical microscopy to make academic exchanges, and providing a platform forscientific researchers to present prospective viewpoint and probe into keytechnologies. The themes of the conference include not only the wide range offields for optical microscopy research and applications, such as nanoscopytechnology, hyperspectral imaging, nonlinear excitation microscopy imaging,fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, confocalmicroscopy, white light interfering microscopy, dark field microscopy imaging,difference imaging, phase contrast microscopy, multi-photon microscopy,super-resolution imaging technology and etc., as well as include research andapplication progress of surface science and engineering that closely related tomicroscopic instruments, such as theoretical studies on the surface andinterface of materials in the field of materials science and micromachining,research of failure mechanism on the surface and interface of materials, abrasionand corrosion behavior, analysis of failure mechanism on materials surface,geometric parameters measurement, application in life science research area,clinical diagnosis and etc.

【Instrument Introduction

                     Lattice lightSheet                                                                                             Marianas                                                                               Vivo 2-Photo

【Nuohai Life Science Introduction】

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